Matthew (Matt) Smith

Senior Trader

Matthew received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Omaha, he majored in Investment Science & Portfolio Management. He also has an Associate of Arts in Persian-Afghan from the Defense Language Institute and an Associates of Intelligence Studies and Technology from the Community College of the Air Force.
Matthew’s diverse work history includes trading roles at TD Ameritrade & Cor Clearing, managing two family businesses, as well as over a decade of service in the United States Air Force.

Outside the office, Matthew spends as much time with his wife Aeh and their boys, Aiden & Otto as well as the always rambunctious Schnoodle puppy, Rocky.


• What’s your favorite food: Thai!
• Best piece of financial advice you received: Pay yourself first.
• Favorite quote: “We see things not as they are, but as we are.” – H.M. Tomlinson
• Favorite book: Market Wizards Series by Jack Schwager
• Movies: Star Wars
• TV Show: X-Files
• What motivates you: Being better every day for his family
• Favorite holiday: 4th of July
• Name something on your bucket list: Incentive Ride in a Fighter Jet
• Place you’d most like to visit: Italy