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    Wealth Management Services

    At Lions Gate WM we use a consultative process to establish your objectives, create investment strategy, implement the investment process, and monitor the success of your portfolio.

    Our focus on process helps us to keep emotions in check and make investment decisions based on long-term objectives and not daily market fluctuations. Our approach is to take only as much risk as we need to work towards your goals. We try to take as much emotion as possible out of the equation because we realize that as humans we tend to “fight or flight” when faced with stress or uncertainty.

    Our basic philosophy: bring up your growth, drive down your risk. We’ve been there, too, we know that investing involves risk and is highly personal. You take it seriously, and so do we. Here’s the way we help you get to your financial goals, and beyond that to your dreams.

    It’s time to get started™!

    Portfolio Management

    Today’s investors are more careful and take the long view, intentionally balancing a portfolio that minimizes loss and brings steady returns. Learn More

    Estate Planning

    Preparing and maximizing your legacy for those you love is a vital chapter in the wealth journey – a chapter you want to write intentionally, not have written for you. Learn more

    Tax Planning

    Working with your accountant and other professionals, we can strategize for tax-savings while saving for retirement and giving to causes that are important to you. Learn more

    Retirement Planning

    Your retirement should be just that – a time to rest, enjoy your family, and see the world rather than living paycheck to paycheck. Learn more