Wealth Designed. Life Defined.®

Our True Wealth Approach

When we talk about the ways that wealth and financial stability can define the individual, it has little to do with a balance sheet, and more to do with a balanced life.

True Wealth is all that money can’t buy and death can’t take away. It takes far more than financial planning. It requires a comprehensive approach with as much imagination as innovation – creativity paired with careful calculation.

As your trusted advisor, we are wholly dedicated to helping you reach a higher purpose for your wealth and design a lasting legacy for your family. We leverage deep industry knowledge, a vast network of specialized services, proven investment strategies and a passion for serving you.

“Live your life by design, not by default.”

The Values That Inspire Us

Part of what makes our firm unique is our dedication to delivering trust, transparency and accountability. These three words serve as a source of inspiration for everyone on our staff – and they drive what we seek to accomplish for our clients on a daily basis.

Our True Wealth Process

Our process for uncovering your True Wealth is thorough, precise and personalized. We call our approach the “Wealth Designed. Life Defined.” process – to help you understand our methodology in helping you reach a higher purpose for your wealth.

Our Approach


You can be confident that we will make decisions that are in your best interest – and based on your financial goals and objectives. When it comes to managing your hard-earned wealth, let your trusted advisor help you every step of the way.


It’s important for us to communicate in a clear, straightforward way, giving our clients insight into why we make certain decisions and what the impact will be. Whether it’s disclosing all of the fees associated with your account, providing detailed trade notifications, or taking the time to discuss major economic events with you, we proactively educate clients through open and honest communication.


When we set out to accomplish something, we do it – with integrity and teamwork. We hold ourselves accountable no matter what, which gives our clients financial confidence knowing the team that manages their wealth follows through on their word. And, in turn, when we create your financial plan, we will hold you accountable, too. That mutual sense of responsibility is one of the most important ways we help you pursue your goals.

Diligent Client Focused Service

We take service very seriously; and it’s important to each person on the Lions Gate team to deliver the best experience possible for each client.

Thought Innovation

What we do – staying current on all the new developments in our industry, bringing that to our clients to continuously improve their experience, to continue to develop processes or strategies based on new developments within the industry.

  • Research
  • New ways of thinking
  • New approaches
  • New tools
  • New investments